Walking Rounders Rules

Walking Rounders Rules

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Walking Rounders Rules

Walking Rounders Rules

Walking Rounders Rules

To play Walking Rounders, some rules need to be adapted to ensure that the game is played appropriately. If you’re playing a game competitively, these rules become important.

Rounders England has recommended the adaptions below. If you’re not playing a competitive game it’s really important to deliver a fun and flexible session, therefore, how closely you adhere to the rule adaptions is dependant on your group. For example, you may decide to make the pitch smaller, and play with a soft ball.

One rule which must be enforced in all Walking Rounders sessions is to ensure that everyone is WALKING: “A player must have at least part of one foot in contact with the ground at all times.” The penalty for not complying is a point deduction for your team, whether you are batting or fielding.

Official Rounders Rules will apply, with the following exceptions:

Innings: an innings will consist of 3 good balls for each batter. If the batter takes a no-ball, this would not be counted as one of their 3 good balls and they can join the batting line to bat again.

Scoring: 1 point for reaching each post on your live bat, so – 1 point for reaching 1st, 2 points for reaching 2nd, 3 points for reaching 3rd and 4 points for reaching 4th.

Out: batters can be put out in the usual way, and they are allowed to return to the batting line to bat again. If a player is out, a point will be deducted from their team score.

These rules are created by Rounders England

Your can purchase the Official Rounders Rule Book 2020-2022 edition here

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Whatever your role in rounders whether it be player, coach, match official or supporter you need to know and understand the rules. A 50 page publication covering all aspects of the game; pitch equipment batting running bowling fielding scoring umpires as well as hints.

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