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What Is Walking Cricket?

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What Is Walking Cricket?

What is walking cricket?

Walking Cricket is a walking version of the running game. It is suitable for all men and women of ages and abilities and is open to everyone. It is a great activity for fitness and social interaction.

The game is aimed at people over the age of 50 and is able to provide an opportunity for people to socialise and get involved in an interesting version of the game.

Essentially the format is indoor cricket played in pairs with target areas with the emphasis being on fun and participation. Although the game can equally be played outdoors.

When played indoors no protective equipment is required such as pads and a hat etc as a soft ball is used.

Sessions are generally 1 hour long with matches up to 2 hours. These provide low impact cardio training with lots of fun in a stress free setting.

Each session the group get opportunities to score, umpire and play, so each individual learns new skills keeping both their mind and bodies active.

Teams are split normally in to six to eight players and both runs and fielding are at walking pace only.

The History Of Walking Cricket

The game was developed as a new concept in 2019, which makes cricket accessible to older adults, or individuals who are semi – retired or retired.

Like other Walking Sports it is an adaptation of the traditional game of to suit those with less mobility and caters for different abilities. The project was formed by a partnership with the University of the third age (U3A) and the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF).

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