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What Is Walking Hockey?

What Is Walking Hockey?

Walking Hockey is a walking version of the running game. It is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities and is open to everyone.

It is ideal for the over 50s age group, people with disability or in rehabilitation from an injury.

The field version has five players per team. The ball must always be played below knee height.

For sixteen players at a session it is preferred to play with four teams of four.

There is hitting the ball like the traditional version of the game. Only pushing or slapping of the ball is allowed.

The ball used for in England for is the England Hockey Quick Sticks ball. An equivalent ball in the USA is the Go ball and in Australia the Joey ball.

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The History Of Walking Hockey

Alan Gormley, Head Development Coach at Bromsgrove Hockey Club brought the game to the public.

Alan took the Walking Hockey concept and turned it into a viable sport with the help of his family and colleagues at the club. He is indebted to Liz Morris who gave him the original idea.

Thanks to Alan Gormley and much like Walking Football, this slower version of Hockey is played in other countries around the world.

Alan’s Story

You can contact Alan and find out more about this sport by visiting his website here and read stories from around the world.

On the website find out how this version of the sport went from an idea to a reality in a few months and how it is now attracting attention across the hockey World.

Alan has continued to support more Walking Sports and now runs the Bromsgrove Walking Sports Centre.

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