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What Is Walking Rounders?

What Is Walking Rounders?

Walking Rounders has some rules adapted to ensure the game is played appropriately. It can be both played for social sessions, fitness and competitively.

When played to the official rules has 3 good balls for each batter. A no ball is not counted as one of those 3 balls. The batter can re-join the line to bat again.

The player must always have at least part of one foot in contact of the ground during the game.

Players get 1 point for reaching 1st and 2 points for reaching 2nd. 3 points are given for reaching 3rd and 4 points for reaching 4th.

Batters can be put out in the normal way but allowed to return to the batting line again; however 1 point is deducted from the team score.

In a simple format, Rounders can be played with jumpers as bases and a racket and a ball – pretty much how you might have played when you were young.

Spiked footwear, i.e. running spikes, is prohibited. It is recommended that football boots (with studs meeting the rule requirements) or astro shoes are worn in wet weather.

Walking Rounders is supported in England by Rounders England who are the National Governing (NGB) in England. Based in Sheffield it provides a structure for the sport from the Board, local deliverers and teams right the way through to individual members and volunteers. Rounders England provides a pathway, competitions and opportunities for aspiring players to progress to whatever level of play is right for them.

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