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What Is Walking Rugby?

What Is Walking Rugby?

What is Walking Rugby? Walking Rugby RFU is played by men and women of all ages and abilities. It is a great way to rebuild a group of friends and improve your social life.

Idea for ex-rugby players, injured or rehabilitating current players and anyone else interested in rugby without any experience. The game is a leveller and you do not need to be fit to play it. However you do need a degree of mobility in order to play.

A typical session is estimated to increase your step count from between 4,500 to 8,000 additional steps.

It differs from the traditional game being played at just walking pace. Forwards and sideways passes are permitted. Teams can consist of between 5 to 10 players per side depending on the venue and amount of space available.

Matches are played in 4 quarters with each lasting 5 minutes with a 1 minute break in between.

You cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds, you cannot walk for more than 5 yards and it is all about finding space.

This version of the game can be played both in and outdoors. A normal rugby ball (size 3) is for used outdoors whilst a hard foam ball is preferred indoors.

Walking Rugby Invented in England

The game was invented in the UK in unveiled in the grounds of an English stately home. The launch of this version of the game was unveiled by Matthew Finch, Marketing Director of Warner Leisure Hotels back in November 2015. He worked with Gap Rugby and Martin Corry (England 1997-2007) to create a new version of the rules.

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