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What Is Walking Tennis?

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What Is Walking Tennis?

What Is Walking Tennis?

What is Walking Tennis? The game can be played by men and women of all ages and abilities. Unlike other Walking Sports it can be played in two formats. Both formats with no running or jumping allowed like any other Walking Sport.

The game is for everyone who wants to play tennis and is ideal for people in rehabilitation or returning from injury. New players just starting out and needing a confidence boost. Old Ex players who still like to play or anyone with an interest in the game.

The first version is played normally indoors on a badminton sized court using a mini sized tennis net. It can also be played on any sized court. This format is used to help introduce new players to the game in and easy and relaxed format. You have the option to play with a second bounce. It is permitted for the second bounce to take place outside of the lines.

The second version is played on a full size tennis court. Again with an option of a second bounce; however this second bounce is NOT permitted outside of the lines.

The WkTA

The Walking Tennis Association (WkTA) is the national governing body for the game in England. They are currently transitioning to the LTA and have posted this statement

We are excited to announce that the Walking Tennis Association is transitioning responsibility for Walking Tennis to the LTA -Tennis For Britain. By doing this it is hoped that the sport will offer a fun, accessible, doable activity to many more communities to assist in the recovery of the health of the nation post Covid and beyond.

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