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What Are Walking Sports?

A Walking Sport is a slower version of the traditional game played at walking pace with adapted rules.

Walking Sports are an ideal activity for both men and women. The 50 plus age group, people looking to lose weight or currently inactive. Someone in recovery from an operation seeking something to aid their rehabilitation. Someone suffering from social isolation and loneliness. Or unable to play the traditional version of the game for any other reason.

Club, their foundations and sports centres offer the over 50s fitness classes where you can learn about a Walking Sport and start an over 50 fitness plan and training.

A Walking Sport is popular with people that cannot longer play the traditional version due to age or a disability. In fact Walking Football is deemed to be the fastest growing sport in the UK and Worldwide.

Why Play A Walking Sport?

As mentioned above, a Walking Sport is suitable for the older age group and people with a disability.

Playing a Walking Sport is a great form of exercise which can help reduce health risks. They can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. In addition playing one can provide great mental health benefits. What Types Of Walking Sport Are There?

Walking Sports Surge In Popularity!

Walking Football started the ball rolling and now you can enjoy the slower version of your favourite sport at Walking Basketball clubs, Walking Cricket clubs, Walking Hockey clubs, Walking Netball clubs, Walking Rounders clubs, Walking Rugby clubs, Walking Tennis clubs and of course Walking Football clubs.

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