Walking Rugby Rules

Walking Rugby Rules

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Walking Rugby Rules

Walking Rugby Rules

Learn about Walking Rugby Rules to RFU standard.

What you need to know: 
No running – walking determined by one foot on the ground at any time when in motion 
No contact – similar to ‘touch rugby’ rules – two hands on shorts is all the contact made which qualifies as a tackle. 
No Mauls or Rucks or Lineouts 
Scrummaging – max 3 players per team stood in upright standing position and non-contested. 
Passing backwards or lateral – offside rules apply 
A try requires no bending – you walk across the try line ball in hand.


• The game is split into four 5 minute (or longer by agreement) quarters, 2 minute breaks for rehydration between each

• Up to 7 players a side, with rolling substitutes

• Players must not run or jog while the game is in action

• The ball must be passed backwards or transverse (not forward)

• A try is scored by carrying the ball with both feet over the try line

• Knock-on if the ball is knocked forward and hits another player or the ground, deliberate knock on is a penalty

• Turnover if the ball hits the ground going backwards

• Tackle is a two-handed touch to the ball carrier (shoulders down to shorts, including arms)

• Tackled player must pass the ball, within one pace from the spot they were tackled, without delay

• Defence must not interfere with the first pass following a tackle

• Ball in touch the other side re-start with a pass from the point where the ball crossed the touch line

• Turnover, penalty or other in-field re-start: the player re-starting must tap the ball with foot or knee and may then walk or pass, on-side defenders may advance

• Uncontested two-person scrums for knock on/forward pass with 6 or more players a side

Walking Rugby (WR) was started at Reading RFC in late October, 2015. In response to enquiries locally to the rugby club regarding the possibility of a game similar to Walking Football.

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