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Find your local Walking Sports clubs and venues.

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Walking Sports Near Me

Finding Your New Club & Venue

When you haven’t played before it can see a little daunting at first when finding a club or venue for the first time.

The great thing about our map and directory services is you can browse at leisure to find your local venues which interest you.

We have contact information on the information pages so you can either email or telephone the venue to get an informed idea if it will be a fit for what you are looking for.

This will greatly reduce the stress and anxiety of turning up somewhere for the first time without any knowledge of their belief, style of play and club ethos.

The map is also a great source of finding alternative Walking Sports to your favourite / first choice.

Before you know it you may be playing several and expanding your social network of like minded friends.

As well as improving your mental and physical fitness, Walking Sports provides a fantastic way of tackling social isolation.

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