Federation for International FootGolf

The Federation for International FootGolf’s main function is to promote worldwide recognition of the sport of FootGolf. It oversees the international development and growth to ensure equitable play for all players worldwide. 

Establishing a new sport in the world is not an easy task. Before its launch, members of the FIFG around the world had been working tirelessly to introduce, establish and promote the sport at grassroots level.

It was very clear from the beginning that a structure needed to be created in order for the sport to be played at all levels. To reach this goal, the FIFG established the international rules of play and constitution of FootGolf under which all members agree to abide.

The FIFG recognizes only one member per country. Countries currently not represented by a member may submit a request for the process and terms to become a member. 

The Official Website For The Federation For International FootGolf can be found here: https://www.fifg.org/

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