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Are you searching for over 50s friendship groups?

Are you looking to improve your fitness and do a little extra exercise? Then have you ever considered Walking Sports?

For many of our ageing population, it is very difficult for them to find social groups where they can meet new friends who share a common interest in something. This is mainly because they may be suffering from social isolation and spend most of their time alone at home.

For those who are happy to get out and about the local library can be a good source. You can try your community centre which will have a good set of resources for finding social groups and club meetings.

Facebook is also a great place online to find over 50s with interests similar to you. We have a link to our Facebook group for Walking Sports at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking at getting outdoors doing something at a gentle pace you could always join a gardening club.

If you are looking at the outdoors scene for something more sedate you could also look for a senior travel club. Or if you have some saving you could splash out on a cruise. Which is an extremely popular option for seniors, well more so before Covid-19 perhaps, but things should return to normal.

Over 50s Walking Sports Friendship Groups

For those of you looking for something a little more energetic, a Walking Sports activity would be perfect.

Walking Sports clubs and sessions are aimed at everyone. From an ex player, someone in recovery or with a disability who can no longer play the traditional sport, and those who have never played it before.

Age is not an issue, infact there are some players in their 80s and even some in their 90s.

In addition joining one of these clubs is not all about playing the game itself. The cup of tea, biscuit and chat afterwards can be more important. The social side of walking sports is a key factor to their huge rise in popularity.

So a Walking sports group will tick every box for people looking for an over 50s friendship group.

over 50s walking sports

Walking Sports clubs and sessions are a fantastic way to join over 50s friendship groups. They run seniors only fitness classes in age bands such as over 50s, over 60s plus.

Our website is designed to help everyone, especially those who might not venture out much at that point in their life. They can use our advanced search system in the comfort of their own home. Using our online search system is a safe way to learn about what is available for them locally.

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