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Ian Cunningham from Northern Ireland, is one of Kendal Auld Greys Walking Rugby Clubs and the UK’s oldest players.

He started playing Rugby more than 60 years ago at Coleraine Rugby club as a schoolboy.

Later on Ian went on to play for Coleraine Rugby club for several enjoyable years.

Ian was featured recently on BBC News NI television where he talks about his love for Rugby.

The BBC: ‘Im 80 years old and still playing rugby’

Ian had to stop playing the traditional version of rugby due to injury just as he was about to leave for England.

Ian moved to Kendal when he retired and started walking on the hills and his old knee came good again due to the hill walking.

Shortly after Kendal started the Old Greys which is the name of his Walking Rugby group.

Old Greys came from Kendal being known as the Auld Grey Town because of the Limestone buildings.

The Walking Rugby club is open for both men and women over 55.

As many players find with Walking Football, Walking Rugby is no different in terms of finding it hard not to run and always keep one foot on the ground.

Walking Rugby T shirts

Ian explains that Walking Rugby is open to everyone over the age of 55. Tis includes new players who had never played rugby before. It’s not about the speed or skill, it’s the friendship that is the important thing!

This video first appeared on the BBC website on the 9th May 2021.

It is great to see Walking Rugby getting this exposure and advertising the health and social benefits it offers the participants. Walking Sports are on the increase which can only be a good thing for us as we get older.

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