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Are You A Walking Tennis Referee Or Know One Who Would Like Extra Game Time?

Are you a Walking Tennis referee who wants to referee more matches? Yes? Brilliant, then we can help! Walking Sports.com have just launched a Walking Tennis Directory of Referees. You can add your CV & any accreditations to to help

Walking Tennis Course

This Walking Tennis course will be a great introduction for you if new to the game About This Walking Tennis Course Date: Fri, 30 Apr – Fri, 07 May 2021 Time: 11:00 – 12:00 Level: All Notes from the coach

Rules of Walking Tennis

Rules of Walking Tennis are quite straightforward. In Walking Tennis no running or jumping is permitted but fast walking is absolutely fine. The main thing to remember is that one foot should always stay on the ground. https://www.walkingtennis.org​. Learn about

Shenstone Tennis Club: Walking Tennis starts Wed 31st 10am

No running\jumpGreen 2nd Bounce allowed socially distanced Physical & mental benefits Make new friends Suitable 4 retirees, recovering from long term injury/illness, complete beginner, postnatal mums